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Anthropology Research Guide: Stay Current

Tips on Staying Up to Date

The UC Berkeley Library tracks many ways for you to stay up to date on the latest research publications. Check these out:


BrowzineYou search for articles.. but do you browse the latest journals regularly? We subscribe to Browzine so you can easily browse and download new articles from your favorite journals, all in one place. Just login to the website or iPad app when on campus and set up an account. Once you have a "bookshelf" of your favorite journals, you can get notified anytime a new issue is published, browse tables of contents, and download new articles then and there! See our help guide for more.

Google Scholar Alerts

Set up Google Scholar Alerts to get notified whenever Google indexes a new academic article in your area. For instance, your librarian tracks qualitative librarianship observ* to find out when new qualitative research in libraries is posted. This is less focused but captures a wider range of potentially useful articles.

Email alerts for new content

Wiley-Blackwell, a for-profit publisher, currently holds rights to all 32 AAA journals in anthropology. Their website has instructions on how to get email updates when an AAA journal comes out with a new issue.


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