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Evolution of Genomes, Cells and Development: MCB 143: Pubmed Tips

Selected article indexes, literature reviews, citation evaluation, primary source information

PubMed Tips

Simple Search

  • Use Filters (Age group, Publication type, language, etc.)
  • Combine searches and terms with AND or OR
  • Get full text or articles - use UC eLinks
  • Select, Save, Email, and Download Search Results
  • Save a search with My NCBI, log into your free account
  • Use MeSH: Medical Subject Headings.
  • Search for your term as a word in the title or title or abstract
  • Use the Related Articles link, once you find a set of relevant citation

Use Clinical Queries a PubMed interface that applies pre-set search filters to focus your search in three areas.

  • Clinical Study Categories: Select a Category (Etiology, Diagnosis, Therapy, Prognosis, or Clinical prediction guide) and a Scope (Broad or Narrow) to filter your search results. These options are available after you enter your search.
  • Systematic Reviews: Filters the search to include systematic reviews, meta-analyses, reviews of clinical trials, evidence-based medicine, consensus development conferences, and guidelines on your topic.
  • Medical Genetics: Filters a disease search for articles about genetic diagnosis, clinical description, management, counseling, molecular genetics, and genetic testing

Pubmed Tutorial

My NCBI features:

  • Save searches & automatic e-mail alerts
  • Display format preferences
  • Filter options
  • My Bibliography & NIH public access policy compliance
  • SciENcv: a researcher biosketch profile service
  • Highlighting search terms
  • Recent activity searches & records for 6 months
  • LinkOut, document delivery service & outside tool selections


PubMed URL for UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley faculty, staff, students, and campus visitors should use the UC Berkeley-specific PubMed URL or click the PubMed link from any library website. The UC-eLinks icon to access full text will be displayed for every article record:

Review papers

Two types of abstracts:
1. Informative: use for research reports. Summarizes a study, includes findings and conclusions.
2. Descriptive: use for reviews. Summarize the subject of the review and the approach the reviewer has taken in the coverage of the subject, does not report original findings.