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Art & Photography Booksellers Online: International Booksellers

British Booksellers (current books)
British version of U.S. Visa/Mastercard.

Blackwell (current books)
Long established book seller. Browse by subject. Visa/Mastercard.

French Booksellers  (current books; out-of-print books)
Amazon France. French interface only.  Visa/Mastercard.

FNAC (current books)  
Similar to Amazon. French interface only. Visa/Mastercard.

Spanish Booksellers (current books)
Similar in format and content to Visa/Mastercard, etc.. 

FNAC (Spain) (current books)
Similar in format and content to Visa/Mastercard, etc. 

Libros Antiguo (out-of-print; rare books) 
Spanish interface only. Visa/Mastercard.

Asia/Southeast Asia/Central Asia Booksellers

Paragon Book Gallery (current; out-of-print; rare)
Covers all of Asia a broad range of subjects.  Visa/Mastercard.

MIPP International (current books)
Covers China, Mongolia, Central Asia, etc.  Visa/Mastercard/Eurocard.

D. K. Agencies (current books/journals/multi-media)   
Covers a wide range of subjects and over 80 countries. Primarily English language titles from India. Visa/Mastercard. 


German Booksellers (current books; out-of-print books)
German language version of German interface only. Visa/Mastercard. (current books)
German counterpart to Amazon. German interface only. Visa/Mastercard. (used; out-of-print; rare books)
With a strong emphasis on German and English language texts, consists of more than 23 million antiquarian books from over 4,100 book sellers, worldwide. German & English interfaces. Most vendors accept Visa/Mastercard/PayPal, etc. 

Italian Booksellers   
Same in format to  Visa/Mastercard, etc.

Internet Bookshop Italia ( 
Claiming to be the largest Italian online bookshop, with access to 250,000 books, the content is similar in format and content to that of  Italian interface only.  Visa/Mastercard.  

Latin America/Caribbean Booksellers

Howard Karno Books, Inc. (current, out-of-print, rare, documents, original materials)
Strong in art and architecture. Also covers Spain and Portugal. Visa/Mastercard/Discover Card/American Express

Libros Latinos (current, out-of-print, rare)
Strong in art and architecture. Also covers Spain and Portugal. Visa/Mastercard

Russia/Ukraine Booksellers

Eastview (current books) 
Covers Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the other Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union. All major credit cards.

Esterum (current books) 
Offers current books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, periodicals, & video. Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Diner's Club.

MIPP International (current books)
Covers Russia, Ukraine.  Visa/Mastercard/Eurocard.