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UC Berkeley’s library buildings are open. Here’s what you need to know.

EndNote: Citation Management: X9: Open EndNote, set preferences

Use this guide to select software, download pdfs, format bibliographies and manage citations and research,

Get Started

1. Open EndNote: Create a new library....or group

  • Under File - select New
  • Name & SAVE your new library. Make sure the Save in: box shows the EndNote folder
  • exercises

Set your own preferences in EndNote

1. Set DEFAULT Library – to open each time you open the program
     EDIT > Preferences.
     Select Libraries in left column.
     Select: Open the specified libraries from the menu.
     Click Add Open Libraries.
     You may choose to delete the other libraries from the list. Apply.

2. Change DISPLAY FIELDS in the library window.
    Choose Display fields in the Preferences list.
    Next to Column 1, choose Author from the drop-down menu.
    Next to Column 2, choose Year.
    Next to column 3, choose Title-- Apply.

    Select Reference Types in the left column.
    Click Modify Reference Types Button
    Scroll to Custom 1. Add field name -- Apply to all or not

4. Find FULL TEXT.
    In OpenURL Path. Enter: 
    In Authenticate with. Enter: for UCB.
    Select Apply and Okay.

5. URLs & Links.
    Under URL arguments: replace “WOS” with “EndNote”
    Change this exact text in the argument below. -- ?sid=ISI:EndNote&aufirst=AUFIRST......
    Select apply & OK.
    To check UC eLinks: Under References - Choose URL/OpenURL
    UC-eLinks window will open with your citation and full text retrieval options.

More preferences

Go to:  Edit > ...
... Output Styles, ... Import filters, ... Connection Files.
  • Create lists of favorites to display in the drop-down menus.
  • Add output styles to your lists and formats for bibliographies.
  • Update Import filters: these allow direct downloading from one database to another.
  • Under Library Catalogs - add U California.
  • Connection Files - allow to connect to online indexes and library catalogs from EndNote.
   • Add U Calif-Berkeley (for OskiCat).

Preferences Window