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EndNote: Citation Management: Combining Multiple Word Documents

Use this guide to select software, download pdfs, format bibliographies and manage citations and research,


If you want to combine several Word documents together into one Word document and produce a single bibliography at the end of your Word document, follow these steps. If you would like to combine several "chapter" Word documents together into one Word document and produce "chapter" bibliographies, see EndNote: Creating chapter bibliographies.

EndNote X5 and Later

  1. Make a backup copy of all the documents you want to merge.
  2. Open a blank Word document where you will place all the text.
  3. Open the documents to be merged in Word.
  4. Copy the text of the individual documents, but NOT the reference list. It is important that you do not include the reference list as part of what you copy.
  5. Paste the text from the individual documents into the new blank document.
  6. Once you have created the merged document, for:
    Windows Word 2010/2013/2016 with EndNote X4 and later or Word 2007 with Endnote X1 and later:  Click the EndNote tab and click Update Citations and Bibliography.
    Word 2007 with Endnote X and earlier: Go to the Add-Ins tab and choose the "EndNote > Format Bibliography" command.
    Word 2003/2004/2008/2011: Go to the Tools Menu and select the "EndNote > Format Bibliography", "EndNote > Bibliography Settings" or "EndNote > Configure Bibliography" command. 
    Mac Word 2016 with EndNote X7: Go to the EndNote tab and choose the "Bibliography > Update Citations and Bibliography"
Now, you should have a formatted Microsoft Word document with one bibliography at the end.

If you get the "EndNote Select Matching Reference" dialog box when formatting the bibliography, see EndNote: Select Matching Reference to resolve this.
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