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You can still access the UC Berkeley Library’s services and resources during the closure. Here’s how.

Research Methods in Biology IB87: Get Started

Get Started in IB Research

Search for books, ebooks, articles, proceedings, patents, properties, news, and tools. Current UCB faculty, students, staff and patrons in the library have access to licensed resources & material such as journals (print & electronic),books (print & electronic), databases, indexes,data and citation management software. Bioscience Top Ten List
Use Recommend a title for purchase recommendations. Visit Bioscience & Natural Resources Library for more resources.


On campus wireless access use: Airbears 2.

Off-campus access to resources is limited to current UCB faculty, staff and students.
For off-campus access use one of the following:
Proxy Server
The proxy server is a computer on campus that will re-route your requests for licensed resources after authenticating you as a Berkeley student, faculty or staff member. You must configure your web browser in order to use it.

Proxy changes: see the Library's Proxy Server FAQ. iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch proxy server setup instructions.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
The VPN is a software program that will establish a "tunnel" to our campus network, allowing you to access a broader variety of licensed resources.


Consider the relationship between society and the environment; case studies of ecosystem maintenance and disruption. Issues of economic development, population, energy, resources, technology, and alternative systems.

  • Write your research topic as a question, subject idea or thesis statement.
    Example: What are the environmental impacts related to climate change?

  • List the main concepts.
    Climate, Environment, Global Warming, Human Health problems, Economy
  • List key words, phrases, synonyms, & alternative terms to search: - Be Creative.
    El nino, tsunami, snowfall, draught, tropics, hurricanes, carbon footprint, co2 emissions, decline in polar bears, acification of oceans, Coral bleaching, threat to human health, air quality
  • Remember to include other collections and disciplines:

    Environmental Design
    Public Policy
    Public Health

  • Sample searches:
    climate change or ocean or sea or planet
    climate change and coral
    climate change and (forest fire)