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Biological Sciences Writing: Research Flow

Example of research topic

Research and analyze a particular medical therapy and particular adverse event.

Write your research topic as a question, subject idea or thesis statement.

Example: What are the adverse effects of air pollution on asthma?

List the main concepts.
Example: asthma, respiratory system disease, immune system, diagnosis, Human Health problems,

List key words, phrases, synonyms, & alternative terms to search: - Be Creative.
Example: air pollution, indoor air pollution, natural ventilation, asthma, breathing, air particles, threat to human health, technology, equipment, age, pediatric, gender, injury, treatment, threat to human health, technology, equipment, age

Remember to include other collections and disciplines:
Bioscience, Business, Chemistry, Neuroscience, Psychology, Public Policy, Public Health

Review which databases you will use:
Web of Science, PubMed, Biosis Previews, others that may be specific to your topic.

Sample search terms
- combine terms with 'and' - air pollution and asthma
- expand search with 'or' - chronic lung disease or asthma

Science publishing

Research cycle

Research Cycle

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