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You can still access the UC Berkeley Library’s services and resources during the closure. Here’s how.

RefWorks (Legacy RefWorks): RefWorks database tips

This guide provides help and tips for Legacy RefWorks. **WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND SWITCHING TO NEW REFWORKS** (See link below)

Attaching Files to References in RefWorks

  1. Click the pencil & paper icon to edit any reference 
  2. Scroll down and click Choose File to the right of Attachments
  3. Locate the file you wish to attach
  4. Click Open. Note the thumbnail preview of the attachment in the Edit Reference view
  5. Click Save Reference, then click the X in the upper right of the Edit Reference window

You will see a paper clip icon  in the reference indicating a file is attached. Click View or change the database view to Full View to access the attachment.

Use Folders to Organize Your RefWorks Database

  1. Click the New Folder button, toward the top left 
  2. Name your folder and click Create
  3. You can also choose here to create a subfolder of an already existing folder.
  4. Select references in your database, then click the Folder icon  to add them to your folder. References may be added to more than one folder, and deleting a reference from a folder does not delete it from your RefWorks database.

Sorting References

Sort the references in your RefWorks database by primary author, publication year, title, and more

Use the drop-down menu labeled Sort by located just at the top of the list of references.

Note: when sorting by Title, Primary, RefWorks does not ignore beginning articles (a, an, the) and will alphabetize by them.

Collaborating & Sharing with RefWorks

RefWorks facilitates collaboration by allowing for two methods of sharing references or databases:

  1. Create a (shared) RefWorks account for a project or other group

You can create a new account and share the user name and password with colleagues. This can be useful for a student group project, for example. Each person will be able to log into RefWorks using the shared password. Any UCB RefWorks user can create any number of accounts.

Note: Be very careful when working on a single Word document using a shared database!

  1. Share your database (or a folder within your database) using RefShare
  1. In RefWorks, click the Organize & Share Folders tab
  2. Click the folder/arrow icon seen to the far right of each folder in your database
  3. Click Share
    1. You have the option to name and add other information to the shared folder
    2. You will also see a URL that you can put on a web page or otherwise share
    3. Other options include adding full-text links, allowing users to comment, etc.
  4. Click Save.

Note: Unlike option A, only the originator of this shared folder will be able to add or delete references.