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Zotero: For Librarians

This guide will help you use the free online citation and research management tool Zotero to organize citations from Library catalogs and databases.

Exporting from Zotero into LibGuides

You can use any style when you export a bibliography into Zotero, but only two styles (Chicago and APA) allow you to annotate the references, which you may want to do if you want to include holdings information or URLs.  

In Chicago Annotated Style, type the annotation in the Extra field. When exported, the references without annotations are not separated by a space. Typing something (like a short line) in the blank "extra" fields will make the list easier to read. You will see a period display between the references -- I think that is a bug.

In APA, type the annotation in the Abstract field. When exported, the bibliography is double-spaced.

To create your own: 

  1. Create a public/closed membership group library at for the references
  2. In Zotero > Preferences > Cite, add the annotated style for APA or Chicago. Search on the word annotated
  3. In Zotero > Preferences > Export, choose the annotated style as your default format
  4. At, find your group library.  Click on "Subscribe to this feed"
  5. Copy the URL that appears in the address bar from the beginning to the ? (ex:
  6. In LibGuides, create a box for the references. Click on Add/Reorder and choose remote script.
  7. Name the script - I am using this format "Chicago - Zotero - London Record Society"
  8. In the Script URL box, paste what you copied of the URL above. Then add format=bib&style={the style you chose}.
    - The style name for Chicago is chicago-annotated-bibliography.
    - The style name for APA is apa-annotated-bibliography
    - Example script URL will be
  9. To create clickable links, add &linkwrap=1 to the end of your URL. Example:
  10. Click on Save. The references will be added to the box in alpha order. 

The bibliography will automatically be updated when references are added to or deleted from the Group library.