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JAPAN 159: Contemporary Japanese Literature (Spring 2013): News

This course guide points to library print and electronic sources for research in contemporary Japanese literature.

Newspaper Article Databases

Here is a short list of newspaper article databases for Japanese newspapers: 

  • Asahi Kikuzo II Visual: Full text access to Asahi shinbun 『朝日新聞』 (1879-present), Historical Photo Archive, containing ca. 10,000 pieces of historical photographs taken in Asia and Europe from the 1930s to 1945, and Asahi gurafu 『アサヒ・グラフ』 (1923-1945).
  • Factiva: Provides access, mostly to full text, to nearly nine thousand business and general news sources, including U.S. and international newspapers, magazines, and wire services; includes major Japanese newspapers such as Yomiuri shinbun 『読売新聞』, Mainichi shinbun 『毎日新聞』, and Sankei shinbun 『産経新聞』 (warning: covers only recent years).
  • Hoji Shinbun Digital Collection, Japanese Diaspora Initiative: An online archive of Japanese newspapers published by overseas Japanese and their descendants, provided by Hoover Institution, Stanford University.
  • Japan Chronicle Online: Provides full text access to the issues between April 1919 and October 1941. 
  • Japan Times Digital Archive: Provides full text access to the issues between March 1897 and 2018.
  • Nikkei Telecom 21: Full text access to Nihon keizai shinbun 『日本経済新聞』 (1876/12/2-1961/12/31, and 1981/10-present), Nikkei sangy shinbun 『日経産業新聞』 (1981/10-present), Nikkei ryts shinbun 『日経流通新聞』 (1985/10-present), and Nikkei kin'y shinbun 『日経金融新聞』 (1987/10-2008/1) is provided; it also offers English sources such as Nikkei English News, Nikkei Weekly and translations of major articles from the above-mentioned Japanese newspapers, as well as Nikkei Company Profile (30,000 company profiles) and Nikkei Who's Who (20,000 corporate executive profiles).
  • Rafu Shimpo Digital Archive (1914-2018): Rafu Shimpo is the longest running Japanese American newspaper in the United States. The paper began in 1903 supporting the small but growing Japanese community in the Little Tokyo area of Los Angeles, California.
  • Shinbun Kiji Bunko 新聞記事文庫 (Newspaper Clippings Collection): Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration at Kobe University has developed "Newspaper-Clippings Library" which comprises 3,200 volumes of scrapbooks containing newspaper-clippings from various newspapers, including saka Asahi 『大阪朝日』, saka Mainichi 『大阪毎日』 saka jiji 『大阪時事』,Chgai shgy shinp 『中外商業新報』, Taiwan nichinichi 『台湾日日』, Mansh nichinichi 『満州日日』, and Keij nipp 『京城日報』, covering the period from 1912 to 1970. In 2000 Kobe University Library began to digitize the clippings for 1912-1943 from the "Newspaper-Clippings Library."
  • Yomidasu Rekishikan ヨミダス歴史館: Full text access to Yomiuri shibun 『読売新聞』 (1874-present) and Daily Yomiuri (1989-2013)/Japan News (2013/4-present). The database also provides dictionaries (Japanese/English, English/Japanese, or new words dictionaries) to look up definitions and biographies, just by highlighting any words in the article and clicking dictionary buttons

 Selected Print Sources