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POLI SCI 171: California Politics: Budget & Economic

This guide provides resources for the PS171 initiative case study and term paper assignments.

California Budget

California's budget is usually a big topic in statewide news.  The following links will provide information on the current and historic budgets:

California Economics

Local and statewide economic information is critical for many research topics as well as personal interest.  The resources below provide a wealth of information on statewide economics.

  • Department of Finance
    • Accounting Reports -- Delinquent Accounts Report — Prepared by the Fiscal Systems and Consulting Unit, the report is provided to the Legislature pursuant to Government Code Section 13292.5., which expired on January 1, 2011. This report presents information from seven departments on the number and amount of delinquent debts, the state's current process of collecting debts, the amounts collected, and the age of the remaining debts.
    •  Economic and Revenue Updates --  The Finance Bulletin is an economic update and cash report published by the California Department of Finance, in every month but January and May.
    • Economic Research Unit -- Access various economic publications such as County Profiles and the state's Economic Indicators.
    • Chronology of Significant Events -- Covers 1956-2012 and provides a high-level description of major events that have influenced California's economic path.
    • Demographic Reports -- Quick access to current population and economic statistics.
  • Economic Development Department
  • U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for California -- Provides a wealth of data on California, including some metropolitan inflation data going back to the 1980's.