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How to Read Call Numbers: Where to find call numbers

Where to find call numbers

How do I find a call number for a book?

  1. Search for books in the library catalog, OskiCat.
  2. Once you find a title in OskiCat write down the full Call No. 
    call no in oskicat
  3. Make sure to check the library location so you go to the correct library:
    location in oskicat
  4. And also check the status: in this case the book is already checked out!

What if there's no call number listed?

In some cases, such as the example below, there is no call number listed for a library resource. Usually these items are available online. There's no physical copy in the library and therefore no call number to list. Note that the end of the title below says "[electronic resource]."

To access electronic resources in OskiCat, first select the title link in your search results, and then follow the link listed under "Link to online version(s)."

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