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You can still access the UC Berkeley Library’s services and resources during the closure. Here’s how.

Physical Education, Sports Medicine & Physiology: Data

Data Management Basics

NSF Data Management Plan Requirements:
Proposals submitted on or after January 18, 2011, must include a supplementary document of no more than two pages labeled “Data Management Plan”.

Collaboration, accessibility and transparency are necessary for data management in modern science., NSF, NIH and other federal agencies mandate data plans with grant proposals.
Start with this list:
---- Make a plan to store your data
---- Find the right medium to store your data
---- Develop a system to organize your data
---- Make sure that your data has easy access
---- Make sure that your data is safe and secure.

Content Management

Technology@Berkeley. list of services.

Research IT@ Berkeley: see IT Services for an overview - cloud computing, large projects, assistance with hardware.

Established to address pressing social and environmental issues facing California. Focus research on four initiatives: Energy, Health Care, Intelligent Infrastructure, and Data and Democracy.

Data Management

Data Management Tools & Services

DMPTool: Instructions for creating a data management plan (DMP) that meets the requirements of specific funding agencies

DASH: A simple self-service tool for researchers to use in publishing their datasets. 

EZID: Create persistent identifiers (DOIs and ARKs) for digital content. Berkeley researchers can contact: for a free account.

Data Management Guidelines:

Data management (UCB): information on data requirements, management and sharing [ScienceLibraries@UC Berkeley]

Data Management General Guidance: Guidelines for creating, organizing, managing, and sharing your data [CDL]

NSF data management plan requirements: An outline from the NSF Directorate for Biological Sciences

Preparing data management plans for NSF grant applications: UC Berkeley-specific tutorials and guidelines for NSF data management plans [Science Libraries @ UC Berkeley]

UC3, University of California Curation Center - UC/California Digital Library

2. EZID: create a persistant DOI or ARK. - long term, unique identifiers. (UC/CDL) Berkeley researchers can request a free account by contacting

5. UC Berkeley Data Services Management, IST.  See comparative table.