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MCB 133L: Physiology and Cell Biology Laboratory: Write and cite

Helpful links for the MCB 133L bibliography library exercise.

Inserting and formatting citations and bibliographies

Most citation managers work with word processing programs to enable you to quickly insert and format in-text citations and bibliographies while writing a paper. RefWorks can be used with bDrive/Google Docs and some versions of MS Word; Zotero can be used with bDrive/Google Docs, MS Word and LibreOffice.

Note: Documents created in bDrive/Google Docs can be downloaded as MS Word documents.

Using RefWorks with word processors


Installing the Google Docs Add-on for RefWorks

  1. Sign in to your Proquest RefWorks account
  2. Click on the Tools icon and then on Tools
  3. Scroll down to Cite in Google Docs
  4. Click Get the Add-on
  5. Click on the Add button ("+ Free") to install the add-on
  6. Accept the list of conditions by clicking Allow

Using the RefWorks Google Docs Add-on

  1. Open a new Google Doc or an existing Google Doc to which you want to add references
  2. Start writing and place the cursor at the point at which you would like to add an in-text citation,
  3. Go to Add-ons > Proquest RefWorks > Manage citations
  4. A RefWorks sidebar should appear that contains all your references. (If you are not already signed into RefWorks you will be prompted to do so.) You can click on the downward arrow next to All references to select a specific RefWorks folder, or Search for a specific reference in your RefWorks collection.
  5. When you locate the citation you'd like to insert, mouse over the reference. You should see two buttons: Cite this and Edit and cite.
  • Clicking Edit and cite shows a preview of the in-text and reference list citations. Clicking change next to Current citation style allows you to select or search for a different style and globally reformat all citations in the paper. Clicking Insert adds the in-text and reference list citations to the paper.
  • Clicking Cite this automatically inserts the in-text and reference list citations in the currently selected style.
  • Note: It is always important to check the correctness of any automatically-generated citation.


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  • RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) is a plug-in available from the Microsoft Store for Word 2016 and later. RCM requires the installation of Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (Mac).
    • Note: RCM cannot be installed in the version of Word 365 downloaded from UC Berkeley's Software Central.
  • If you have a different version of Word installed, see Finding the right writing tool plug-in

Using Zotero with word processors



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