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BrowZine: Getting Started with BrowZine

BrowZine is a tablet application that lets you browse, read and monitor thousands of scholarly journals available from the UC Berkeley Library.

Installing BrowZine to your Tablet or iPhone

  • BrowZine is available via the Web.
  • BrowZine is currently available for iPad, iPhone, Android tablets (Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy), Kindle Tablet (Fire HD) and Android Phone.
    • Open the Apple Store, Google Play, or Amazon Store on your mobile device. 
    • Search for BrowZine in your store and follow the instructions for installation.
    • Once you have installed BrowZine, open the Chose Library menu at the top of the BrowZine screen, search for and select "University of California Berkeley."
  • On next screen, if you are on campus, it is possible to access UCB journal content by tapping on the "Continue" button without installing the UC Berkeley VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  • If you are not on campus, or tapping on the "Continue" button does not work, exit BrowZine and set up VPN access to your device.

Installing the UC Berkeley VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your mobile device

Install the free GlobalProtect app

  • Open your Apple Store, Google Play or Amazon Store app.
  • Search for the GlobalProtect app and install the app that is appropriate for your device.
  • Open the GlobalProtectt app, tap on Add VPN Connection, and enter these settings:
        Description:   UCB
        Server Address:
  • Tap on Advanced and make sure the Certificate says: DISABLED
  • Tap Done to save these settings

Using the VPN

  • Go to the Connection window.
  • Tap the option for "UCB" (or whatever name you have set for this connection)
  • If prompted, log in as follows:
        Group:   3-Library_VPN
        Username:   Your CalNet ID
        Password:   Your CalNet passphrase
  • Once logged in, you should see a screen indicating you are connected

Go back to the menu screen for you device and open BrowZine.

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