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Need a book from the UC Berkeley Library during the shelter-in-place order? Check here first.

Business Library - New Books: 2016

New Print Books

Water Tech

The Midas Paradox

Workplace Abuse, Incivility and Bullying

Political Standards

The Business and Human Rights Landscape

Be Creative

Big Data at Work

The Ontology and Function of Money

Politics, Poverty, and Microfinance

Find it Fast

Gender at Work

The Confidence Effect

Fast, easy, and in cash

The Routledge companion to consumer behavior analysis

Austerity ecology & the collapse-porn addicts

Disaster capitalism

Money, taste, and wine

Short selling

The New Consumer Psychology

Private Financing of Public Transportation Infrastructure


The Process Matters

Illiberal Reformers

Retail and the Artifice of Social Change

The Big Reset

Count Down

The Minimum Wage

The Future of Work

Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel

High street heroes

The great tradeoff

Berkshire beyond Buffett

Entrepreneurial women


Research to Revenue

Welcome to GoodCo

How Consumer Culture Controls our Kids

Consumer Psychology in a Social Media World

Intimacy at Work

A World History of Rubber

Progressive Business

The Base of the Pyramid Promise

The Routledge Companion to Strategic Risk Management

The Emergence of the Urban Entrepreneur

The Philosophical Foundations of Management Thought

Central banking and monetary policy in Muslim-majority countries

Red team

The power of resilience

The Bogleheads guide to investing

The lunacy of modern finance theory and regulation

A world gone social

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