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Online Privacy: "Start Your Search"

Coleman Lab - Wiki-Ed Foundation Student Working Group on Privacy Literacy

What is Start your search?

Start your Search includes books, articles and more.

Start your search is powered by EBSCO Discovery Services and combines a variety of library collections, catalogs and databases into a single search experience.

What's NOT included

Start your Search does not include everything in the Library's collections. To ensure you're finding the best possible articles on your research topic, you should search discipline-specific databases directly. 

Content that is not included in Start your Search:

It's difficult to track precisely which databases are or are not available in Start your Search for several reasons:

  1. Many databases are not exclusively available from a single vendor. The Library subscribes to the MLA International Bibliography from ProQuest, for example, but the Bibliography is still available in Start your Search by other means.
  2. Journals that are available in one database are often also available in other databases. While we know that Compendex is not available in Start your Search, many of the journals in Compendex are available in Start your Search via other library database subscriptions.

Sample Searches- "Start Your Search"

1.  "online privacy"

quotes keep words together as a phrase

2.  click on the title to see official subject terms, such as:

     privacy right of united states
     data protection law and legislation united states
     computer security
     Internet & privacy


2.  "online privacy" "human right*"

* = truncation/wildcard (child* = child childs children childhood childish...)


3.  advanced search

     "online privacy" or "digital privacy"
      "social media"


Watch a 46 second movie of a sample search!

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Evaluating your search results

Start Your Search - Filters for narrowing your search

Are there filters in the left sidebar that will help you narrow your search results?  Click on the category ("language" "geography") to view the options.

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