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UCB Resources for Tribal Historic Preservation Officers: Hearst Museum

Using the Hearst Museum Collections

Searching the Hearst Museum Collections Database

Sample Searches:

1.  keyword:   basket

    collection place:        inyo

     click on full to see full display

     try different display options: list   full    grid   

     note:  in list display you can sort the results


2.   keyword:  basket

     collector:  steward  (accept the suggestion of Julian H. Steward

      click on list, full, or grid 


3.  culture or time period:   paiute    (accept a suggestion, or just search the general term)

      click on list, full, or grid 

      (note:  due to the way they did the database, if you search Big Pine Paiute Tribe of the Owens Valley   you don't get any baskets; search Eastern Mono to find baskets)


3.  collector:   essene


4.  museum number:  1-20953    click on image of the card to see basket maker's name


5.  note:  records can be downloaded as a csv file

     note:  above the search results display there's a box with a "permalink" - send or paste this link to retrieve the search results again.


At this time there is no way to search by basket maker or artist but the Hearst knows this is a desireable function and we can hope they'll add it in the future!



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