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UC Berkeley’s library buildings are open. Here’s what you need to know.

Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon: How To

Getting Started at Berkeley

How do I join the edit-a-thon?

How do I learn how to edit Wikipedia?

  • Watch online video tutorials from Art + Feminism 

  • Attend our editing workshop from 3:15 - 3:45

  • Volunteers are on hand to answer your questions about Wikipedia or research in our Help breakout room.

What should I do first?

  • Click on your user name (upper right) and edit your user page.  Introduce yourself to the Wikipedia community

  • Click on sandbox (upper right) and practice editing.  You could copy and paste some text from an existing Wikipedia page, and practice making changes.  Try adding a citation, adding an image  from Wikimedia Commons.

What should I work on? 

  • If you have 1 hour or less, edit your user page, play in the sandbox, get familiar with Wikipedia.

  • If you have 90 minutes, add some citations to an article in an area of interest.

  • If you have 2 hours, add a well cited paragraph or some photographs to an article in an area of interest.

  • If you have 2-4 hours, consider starting to create a new article. Be sure to gather your reliable sources and check in with an experienced Wikipedian to ensure that your article meets Wikipedia’s notability guidelines.


Don’t know what to work on? We have you covered!

Finding articles that need citations:

  • Visit the Citation Hunt tool

  • Search for a topic (ex:  justice) - don’t hit enter

  • You’ll see a list of topics that include that keyword, along with the number of articles under that category that have at least one “citation needed.” (ex:  environmental justice) - select a category

  • Click on the article title that appears and use <ctrl> F to find the “citation needed”.

  • Return to the search tool and click on NEXT to view the next article in this category.

Finding Stubs and Articles That Need Improvement

Several possible avenues:

  • Find a  WikiProject - a group of volunteer Wikipedians who focus on improving coverage of a certain category of articles

    • Go to an article in your area of interest and click on the Talk page tab.  There may be a box at the top describing which WikiProjects are interested in this article.  Click on the name of a WikiProject area and scroll down to the assessment table, which lists the number of articles that have been assigned each grade.  Look for stubs or starts.  

Examples of relevant lists of stubs:

What if I have questions?

Volunteers are on hand to answer your questions about Wikipedia or research. Ask us for help!

Research Resources  For assistance, ask Edit-a-thon volunteers.


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