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How to make your research reproducible: Research Entities

This guide presents best practices in documenting scientific research process to make the research reproducible.

The Main Entities of the Scientific Research

The entities of the scientific research.
The main entities of the scientific research.

The main entities of the scientific research:

  • Data (e.g., the input dataset that was used in the analysis)
  • Research software (e.g., scripts that do the analysis)
  • Workflow documentation (e.g., steps of the analysis)
  • Research output or scholarly output (e.g., Scientific paper)

A painful, but real story!

I’m a researcher in Computer Science Department. I submitted a paper based on analyzing Web archiving materials to a Journal and then I received an acceptance letter after four months. In response to reviewers’ comments, I had to modify some graphs and tables in the paper. It took me multiple days to remember the steps I did for producing these graphs. I found out that I had different versions of code with names like generate_graph30.R, generate_graph_last.R, generate_graph_final.R. I had difficulty in remembering which version of the code I used to generate the latest graphs and tables.

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