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Reproducible Research Practices: Data Best Practices

This guide presents best practices in documenting scientific research process to make the research reproducible.

Best Practices for Managing Data

Here are a few tips for documenting data: 

  • Include a README file in the directory that contains your other data files. Check out steps of managing your project to learn about the directory structure.
  • Write a data management plan, which is required by funding agencies
  • Provide a detailed description of the data, data source(s), and how it will be used.
  • Provide a description to the process of capturing the data.
  • Describe all the steps of data preprocessing.
  • Provide a description and information about each new version of the data.
  • Provide details about the software/code that is used for preprocessing the data.
  • Adapt metadata standards for describing the data.

Naming files should be descriptive and consistent! 

Data Management Tools

​Below are a few data management tools that are free for UC Berkeley users. 

  1. Data management planning: DMPTool
  2. Publishing and sharing your data: Dryad
  3. Storing and versioning your data with: Box and Drive

For more services and consultations about research data management, visit UC Berkeley Research Data Management.