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PH 293: Doctoral Seminar Library Resources: Just for Fun

Is it true I can borrow real art from the library?


It is called the Graphic Arts Loan Collection.

Information is here. You can reserve a print online, but you must pick it up and return it in person.

I'm getting tires of watching Star Trek reruns on Netflix. Can the Library help?

Of course. We subscribe to Kanopy Streaming - an on-demand streaming video service which provides access to more than 26,000 films, including titles from PBS, BBC, Criterion Collection, Media Education Foundation and more!

Another place to check out is Docuseek2, a streaming video service featuring social issue and documentary films from several independent distributors.

And for your ears, the library provides you with several music databases, such as:

You also have access to UC Berkeley OverDrive, a platform for user-friendly access to digital audiobooks and popular ebooks.

How do I win a Nobel Prize?

By following the Ten Simple Rules to Win a Nobel Prize!

But in case you are not ready for that, please look at the other Ten Simple Rules articles, including:

  • Ten simple rules for responsible referencing;
  • Ten simple rules for writing a career development award proposal;
  • Ten simple rules for developing a mentor–mentee expectations document;
  • Ten simple rules for short and swift presentations;
  • Ten Simple Rules for Curating and Facilitating Small Workshops;
  • Ten simple rules for navigating the reference letter seeking process;
  • Ten Simple (Empirical) Rules for Writing Science;
  • Ten Simple Rules for Running Interactive Workshops;
  • Ten Simple Rules for Online Learning.

These are all from PLoS - the Public Library of Science.


Library Makerspace

The Library Makerspace is now located in Doe library across from the Morrison Library. They have a 3-D printer, sewing machines, button makers, vinyl cutter, and more. And they have classes!: embroidery, knitting, Illustrator for vinyl cutting, sewing. Information here.