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English 190: Hitchcock - Spring 2018: Reception History - Individual Films

Consult this page to:

Find reviews, press kits, program notes and other primary source materials related to the release of specific films.

Overview - Individual Films

Individual Films - Primary Sources

Film Review Sources

Scores indicate % of critics included that rated a film positively, in the judgment of the RT staff.  Each review is judged either "fresh" or "rotten."  If a film has received 60% "fresh" reviews in the judgment of the staff, the movie is certified "Fresh." Note that  a 90% score means that 90% of critics included by RT have given the movie a positive review, even if most of those reviews are lukewarm; a 60% score means that 60% of the critics have given the movie a positive review,  even if all of those critics might have given the movie outstanding reviews.

Click on the "Top Critics" tab to find reviews by a selective subset of critics, principally those writing for major newspapers. 

Metacritic includes fewer critics than Rotten Tomatoes and assigns each review a score on a scale of 100; the scores are  averaged for a final score for the film.