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Social Welfare 252: Policy Map


PolicyMap is a (relatively!) easy-to-use mapping program (by subscription, not freely available) that includes over 15,000 US demographic and socioeconomic data indicators from the neighborhood census block to national levels. Data about demographics and neighborhood conditions can be presented as maps, tables, charts and reports. It also lets you add specific points -- such as homeless service providers - -to the map that you create. It's also a  great way to find the census tract number for any location.

Bay Area Poverty -- One Layer

3 Layer Map of Oakland

Saving Maps Created in PolicyMap

It's not intuitive -- the SAVE icon allows you to save it in your PolicyMap folder. If you want to save the image, select PRINT. It will allow you to save it as a PDF or a .PNG. The .PNG file can be opened in image software, or in PowerPoint, where it can be edited -- cropped, etc. -- and saved as a .jpg or other file format.

Using Jing to grab maps

In addition to saving and exporting, a quick way to grab an image (including a map) is to use the free utility Jing. It lives in your web browser, and use it when you want to copy.