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College Writing 4B: Stories of Sustainability, Fall 2019: Getting Started

instructor: Freeman

Keywords - Brainstorming

Developing appropriate keywords/search terms is an essential part of research.  First, break your topic into components.  Develop a list of synonyms and alternative terminology for each component.  Think about broader and narrower concepts and word variants.  What words can you exclude?

Topic: Image of African American Women in Advertising

image(s) or representation(s) or  stereotyp(es)(ing) or depict(ion) or portray(al) or "male gaze"

african american(s) or black(s) 

women or gender or femin*

advertis(e)(ing) or media or consum* or "social media"

Remember to be creative with your terminology!  More examples:          

people of color and environmental activism*
environmental justice
environmental justice and hazardous waste*
environmental equity
environmental discrimination
environmental racism
environmental injustice

Brainstorming Academic Disciplines

What departments might write about your topic?


Topic:  Image of African American women in advertising

potentially relevant disciplines:


And more!

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