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On the Same Page 2019: There There: Finding More

On the Same Page gives new students (and everyone else!) at Cal something to talk about

Other Library Research Guides

Finding More: Books

To research topics related to There There, use Oskicat to find books and all other library materials except articles.

To find Newspapers and Scholarly Articles, see below.

Sample Oskicat searches:

(keywords) .   indians oakland

(keywords) .   "intertribal friendship house"

quotation marks keep two or more words together as a phrase  

(keywords) .   powwow*

* = wildcard (child* = child childs children childish childhood...)

click on titles to see official subject headings

(subject) .    powwow

(keywords) .  "native american*" literature

(subject) .     american literature indian authors

(retrieves a list of subject headings, such as:  american literature indian authors history and criticism)


Scholarly Articles

NOTE:  Scholarly literary criticism will not appear about a work for a year or two given the slow pace of scholary publishing.

Use these databases to find historical background, scholarly articles about Native American literature in general, or Native American authors with a longer publishing history than Tommy Orange, or Native American sociology, political activism, etc.


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