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English 1A: Exploring Performance in Everyday Life, Fall 2019: Finding Articles

Instructor: Ghosh

Finding Article Databases

Search an article database to find citations (title, author, title of journal, date, page numbers) for articles on a particular topic.  The Library gives you access to over 200 article databases covering different disciplines.

1.  Think about which academic disciplines might write about your topic.  Examples:  literature, film, anthropology, history...

2.  From the Library home page, select "Databases" and then click on "Browse All Databases." On the next screen, use the drop down menu for All Subjects to find your discipline.
search databases on the home page screenshot

Select the appropriate academic disciplines and then look for "Recommended" databases.

Sample Searches - Article Databases

Newspaper articles

Library home:  Databases >pull down "all database type" menu to News > Access World News

lucas hnath "doll's house, part 2"

if necessary:

lucas hnath "doll's house, part 2" (lead/first paragraph)


Scholarly articles - literature and history

Both MLA Bibliography (literature) and Historical Abstracts (history) are included in "Start Your Search", however sometimes it's easier to find the relevant items if you search the specific database; or they may have search features not included in "Start Your Search"


Library home > Databases:  Browse Databases > pull down the "All Subjects" menu to Literature; pull down the "All Database Types" menu to Articles 

MLA Bibliography

"a doll's house"
nora character (pull down the Anywhere menu to subjects)


Library home > Databases:  Browse Databases > pull down the "All Subjects" menu to History; pull down the "All Database Types" menu to Articles

Historical Abstracts


historical period:   1800 to 1900


Search Results - What's Next?

  • click on the title to see full record (including abstracts and descriptors)
  • to limit by publication type (peer-reviewed journals, conferences, books, etc.) click on the appropriate tab or link
  • if necessary,look for other limits (latest update, journal articles only, english only) and more advanced searches
  • select records to save to your personalized list; lists may be e-mailed, downloaded, printed

Where's the PDF?

Once you've searched an index to find articles, you may need to use UC-eLinks to link to a PDF or html file if the full text is not immediately available. Each database is a bit different, but a good rule of thumb is this: when you see the UC-eLinks icon, click on it to view your article access options, which can range from full text to a call number to an Interlibrary Loan request:

screenshot of article in UC-elinks

For more information, here's a tutorial on using UC-eLinks.


[Edit mode is disabled for mapped boxes]


Library home >Databases > Browse Databases > Browse:  General Article Databases > JSTOR

Everyone Loves JSTOR:

  • interdisciplinary
  • scholarly
  • full text available AND searchable - you may find topics you won't find elsewhere because they're only part of an article on a related topic
  • covers journals from their earliest publication dates


  • DOES NOT INCLUDE THE LAST 3-5 YEARS of a journal!  not good for contemporary topics!
  • doesn't include as many journals in a particular discipline as the discipline-specific database (example: MLA Bibliography for literature)
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