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Construction and Design Guide: Library Desgn

Search Terms

To find books in library catalogs or articles in the indexes.

Academic libraries-- 
Human-computer interaction 
Human engineering 
Libraries--Space utilization 
Libraries and education--Research 
Library architecture-- 
Library architecture--California--San Francisco 
Library buildings-- 
Library buildings--California--San Francisco-- 
Library buildings--Design and construction 
Library planning 
Public libraries-- 
Public libraries--evaluation 
Science museums--

Specific names: 
San Francisco Public Library 
Seattle Public Library


Projects / Sites


DICTIONARIES & ENCYCLOPEDIAS - for terminology, finding general information, names, dates


DIRECTORIES - for lists of libraries and museums, includes national and international


STANDARDS - for planning and designing facilities, includes standard elements, equipment and dimensions


Design Books

Human Dimension/Ergonomics

Measurement, scale, human comfort, and social environment.


Building Performance & Post-occupancy Evaluation

Use Indexes for articles on 'libraries - evaluation.'

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