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Housing Research Resources: Finding Journal Articles

Housing Research Resources is a selective bibliographic research guide to the UC Berkeley library and Internet social housing literature, both American and international.

Off-campus Access to Library Resources

There are two ways to connect to library resources from off-campus using the new library proxy:

  1. Links to online resources on library websites, such as OskiCat, will allow you to login with CalNet directly.
  2. To access library resources found via non-UCB sites, such as Google or Google Scholar, you can add the EZproxy bookmarklet to your browser. Then, whenever you land on a licensed library resource, select your EZproxy bookmarklet to enable CalNet login.

More information is on the EZproxy guide.

The campus VPN provides an alternate method for off-campus access.

Housing Journals

Housing Journals

Listed here is a selection of journals on housing. Note that most of these titles are available full text online via a variety of databases. Please consult E-Journals search page for the most up to date information..

General Journals

International Journals

United States Journals

Finding Journal Articles

Please note that all the electronic indexes listed in this guide are also listed in The Library's directory of article databases.

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