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High School Ethnic Studies Initiative Library Guide

A curated guide to accessible resources available for high school educators and other K-12 educators on Ethnic Studies topics.


Below are resources where you can browse a broad range of Ethnic Studies topics and find curriculum resources, definitions, and general information.

Reference Resources

Curriculum and Learning Support

People's history, social history, history from below, and counternarratives are terms that refer to the ways that marginalized and historically oppressed have tried to maintain and reassert their ways of knowing, worldviews, and cultures. These projects and organizations provide lesson plans and educational resources.

Research Justice and Participatory Research

Resources that can support bringing concepts and practices of research justice, participatory research, and supporting students in exploring and building upon their experiential knowledge and lived experiences.

Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) are learning, teaching and research materials in any format and medium that reside in the public domain or are under copyright that have been released under an open license, that permit no-cost access, re-use, re-purpose, adaptation and redistribution by others.

Other Resources

Data and Statistics