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Image Sources for the Built Environment: Search for images particular to a creator

The design and study of buildings, landscapes, and cities depends on visual information in the form of images such as photographs, drawings, diagrams, maps, and paintings.

Image sources particular to a creator

To find the source of images particular to a creator, search the internet for the creator's (architect, designer, photographer, firm) name. For historic, defunct, or non-current creators, you may need to look for library, archives, and museum collections that maintain the original imagery that these creators made. To identify photographers, published photos usually include credit information somewhere: in books it may be in an image credit list in the front or rear of the book. In journals and on websites, photo credits are usually below each image or listed with each article.

Architects’, Landscape Architects’, and Planners’ Websites are a good place to look for images of specific projects, because the designer is the originator of the original objects. Besides images, they may list statistics, related people, dates, and other information about the project. Some designers’ websites list publications where the project in question has been featured - providing you with a bibliography specific to this work. Some will send a .pdf "press kit" or flyer of information about the project if you ask. Please write to them regarding use of their images. It is youir job to understand and respect copyright.

Architects’, Landscape Architects’, and Planners’ Websites can be found with Internet search engines or via directories of professionals or firms.


Professional associations, directories, Social Networks:

Photographers produce the photographs we see in publications, often in the service of designers and firms. Their websites usually have high quality images. Please write to them regarding use of their images and respect copyright.

Photographers’ websites can be found with Internet search engines or via professional directories.


Professional associations and directories:

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