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Optometry and Vision Sciences Staff Resources: Start


The Library provides access to many resources that might be of interest to Optometry and Vision Science staff: for your personal interests, your career development, and your professional needs.

More work-related resources may be found on the Optometry and Vision Science guides.

To ensure you can access the Library-licensed resources from off campus, you should use the campus VPN or EZproxy (see below).

For school-specific resources, don't forget to check OptoHub.

Connect from Off Campus

Off-campus access is limited to current UCB faculty, staff and students. Choose one of the following methods:


  • When you click on an UC Library Search link or Library link to database or article (in a browser or on a mobile device) you will be prompted to authenticate via CalNet.
  • If you want to be able to click on a resource link found via a search engine or a non-UCB Library webpage, it is recommended you use the VPN instead of the bookmarklet.
  • EZproxy FAQ

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • Download and install the bSecure Remote Access VPN (GlobalProtect VPN) client to access UC Berkeley licensed resources.
  • Make sure you select the Library Access and Full Tunnel Gateway or Connection when you log on to access Library resources
  • If you are on a public or unsecured network and don't need to access Library resources, you can use the default Split Tunnel access

VPN Settings

After connecting, make sure to change the Connection/Gateway: to Library Access and Full Tunnel. VPN Connection/Gateway Setting