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Optometry Research Literature for Alumni: Keep Current

Email updates of journal content

The PubMed database can send email alerts of new articles in a particular journal title (citations and abstracts only, not full-text articles).

  1. Go to PubMed's Advanced Search;
  2. Search for the Journal Title;
  3. Click Add;
  4. Click Search;
  5. Click Create alert under the search box;
  6. Create email updates for the journal title. You must sign in to MyNCBI account.

Alternatively, look to a journal’s website for an email alerting service of its new issues.

Email updates of new PubMed results

Save a PubMed database search and be alerted when new articles are added.

  1. Create a PubMed search that retrieves relevant citations.
  2. Click Create alert under the search box
  3. Save the search and create email updates. You must sign in to MyNCBI account.


RSS feed of new PubMed results

An RSS feed delivers unread content from websites and other online sources to a “feed reader.” Instead of visiting a number of sites, the content comes to you through a reader.  Learn more about RSS feeds.

Find directions for creating an RSS feed for PubMed search results.

Manage your papers

Mendeley is a free reference manager to keep track of your articles and papers.

Make your own searchable library in seconds, cite as you write, and read and annotate your PDFs on any device.  Learn more about the software.