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Optometry Research Literature for Alumni: Start

Welcome Berkeley Optometry Alumni!

Find free research literature for your lifelong optometric learning and evidence-based professional practice.

This guide includes books, journals, articles, drug information, clinical guidelines, evidence based practice sources, and patient education materials.

Alumni access to online library sources

Due to legal contracts with publishers and information providers, the UC Berkeley Library cannot offer alumni offsite access to paid online books, journals, and databases.

However, alumni have guest access to the majority of subscribed online resources through the public computers at the UC Berkeley libraries.

More library service options

Learn about library card, borrowing, and other privileges for Berkeley alumni.

Visit our guide on freely available research literature for subject areas beyond Optometry.

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine provides health professionals and the general public with health information resources and services. Find an NN/LM member library near you.

The Optometry Library is Closed ...

The Fong Optometry and Health Sciences Library is now being managed as a study space by the School of Optometry. At this time, the group study and meeting rooms that include whiteboards and WiFi are available for use on a first-come, first-served basis by School of Optometry affiliates only.
The University Library Staff do not currently manage reservations for these spaces.

However, all alumni are warmly welcome to visit other UC Berkeley libraries for your research needs.

WiFi internet access at the Library

wifi, CalVisitor, internet

CalVisitor provides WiFi Internet access for library visitors.

However, this does not grant access to licensed library resources. Please use public computers at the UC Berkeley libraries instead.