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POLI SCI 191: Statebuilding: Find Articles

Political Science Databases

Related Databases

The Berkeley Library provides access to hundreds of databases, below are some that might be particularly helpful.

Major Journals in International Relations

American Journal of International Law : 1907 - present

Current History : 1941 - present

Foreign Affairs : 1922 - present

Foreign Policy : 1970 - present

Human Rights Quarterly : 1981 - present

International Interactions : 1974 - present

International Organization : 1947 - present

International Security : 1976 - present

International Studies Quarterly : 1967 - present

Journal of Common Market Studies : 1962 - present

Journal of Conflict Resolution : 1957 - present

Orbis : 1957 - present

Washington Quarterly : 1978 - present

Start Your Search

Use the box below to start your search across several library databases to find books, articles, and more.


UC eLinks and Citation Linker

Sometimes the database you search doesn't link to the fulltext -- it only gives the citation. Click the UC e-links button to see if Berkeley has it online, and if not, it will check for a print version.  And if we don't have it at all, it lets you request it through Interlibrary Loan.

What if there isn't a UC e-links button??? Sometimes you find an article in a bibliography, a book or a footnote -- and you want to see if we have it. The Citation Linker searches through our online databases to see if it's available fulltext. If not, it sets up a search for the paper journal in Melvyl. And if we don't have it at Berkeley, it lets you request it through Interlibrary Loan.

International & Area Studies

Are you focusing on politics outside of the United States? Here are some key resources you may want to consider. More can be found on the subject list, by geographic area.

Forward Citations

If an article is relevant to your topic, you want to look at the research it cited (backward citation). But it can also be very helpful to see who has cited it (forward citation). There are several different ways to do this, and the results will overlap --  no single method is comprehensive.

Google Scholar provides forward citations for some articles. It has a broader range of documents included (not just peer reviewed journals, but reports, pre-prints, etc.) and doesn't eliminate self citation or de-duplicate the results.

ISI Web of Science contains the Social Science Citation Index which allows you to do a "Cited Reference" search. This shows other articles (from a prestigious list of peer reviewed journals) which have cited the target article, and it also shows the references for the the original article... both forward and backward citation.

Screenshot below on how to get to the Cited Reference Search from the Social Science Citation Index.