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Psychology 142: Developing Child: Home


In this assignment, you need to identify a researcher in the field, use a reference tool and find empirical articles on your topic, identify a relevant journal and capture their mission statement, conduct a literature review, and cite your sources using APA Style. This guide contains links to assist with each element, and please email me if you need assistance!

Using Reference Tools (Encyclopedias, Handbooks, etc. -- Quick Lookups)

Annual Review of NeuroscienceAnnual Review of Psychology and Annual Review of Clinical Psychology are also good starting places -- they provide literature reviews of important and emerging areas of research.

APA Handbooks in Psychology: among the titles in this series are: the Handbook of Contemporary Family PsychologyHandbook of Trauma PsychologyHandbook of Community Psychology and more.

Oxford Handbooks Online: Psychology: including peer reviewed, in-depth, and timely scholarly articles that provide an overview of many academic topics in psychology and related fields.

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