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PH 290: Evidence Based Interventions for Community Health: US Census & US CDC

Finding Public Health Data & Statistics

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Presented by Michael Sholinbeck ( 

A note about the data sources below:
Beginning January 20, content on US government websites has been removed or revised for nonscientific reasons. If any of the websites on this guide have had data removed, viewing previous versions of the websites on the Internet Archive may prove helpful.

Follow along today using this document: [Word]  |  [PDF]

US Census

The US Census is the primary source of demographic information (population, household size, income, business ownership, etc) for the United States. An excellent guide to the US Census, including the American Community Survey (ACS) is at A more specific guide to Census poverty data is at

US Census surveys include:

Census Aggregated Data Sources

The following databases and websites allow researchers to access Census aggregated statistics (statistics that you can process into easy to use tables).

National Center for Health Statistics (CDC): Surveys & Data

NCHS data collection systems includes population surveys (sometimes combined with physical examinations, lab tests, & more), provider surveys, and vital statistics. Below are summaries of the current systems. More information is available at and (PDF)

Information on historical NCHS surveys is available at

Accessing NCHS/Other CDC Data

Additional Information on HP2020

HP2020 LHI Progress

Details for progress on each LHI may be found at