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OOMPH Library Resources: PHW 209 Comparative Health Systems: Publications & Literature

Core Public Health Article Databases

Other Databases

Grey Literature

Grey Literature generally refers to publications not produced by commercial publishers, including reports (pre-prints, preliminary progress and advanced reports, technical reports, market research reports, etc.), theses, conference proceedings, and other documents. They are often produced by government entities, research institutions, or NGOs/IGOs.

The Public Health Library's Public Health Subject Guides web guide consists of web pages by topic. Each page consists of annotated lists of organizations, agencies, databases, and publications. Topics include: 
    • Environmental Health 
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Food/Nutrition 
    • Health Program Planning, Policy, and Evaluation 
    • Maternal and Child Health 
    • International Health 
and many more.

Google and other search engines can be useful for finding grey literature. Improve your search using: 
• Quotes for phrase searching: 
"social marketing" 
• Site: to specify a particular site or domain: 
"climate change" (for a domain search); "climate change" (for a specific site search) 
• Boolean search statements (eg, OR) (can combine with site searching): 
("climate change" OR "global warming")