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OOMPH Library Resources: PHW 257 Public Health Preparedness and Emergency Response: Conferences

Conferences (Past, Present, and Future)

3rd UN Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (2015)

World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine from World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine. Most recent was 2019; next one is 2022.

Emergency Preparedness and Response Conference and Training Opportunities (US CDC): Upcoming training and conference opportunities organized or sponsored by federal agencies or Clinician Outreach and Communication Activity partner organizations, which include non-federal organizations.

Disaster Health Education Symposium: Advancing the State of the Art (US National Center for Disaster Medicine and Public Health): This symposium (Sept. 8, 2016) provided a forum with a specific focus on education and training in disaster medicine and public health.

Preparedness Summit: the first and longest running national conference on public health preparedness. The 2021 conference is April 13-15, online.

World Conference on Disaster Management: Includes representatives from nations across the globe as well as NGOs.