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Library Resources for BPH Staff

Presented January 20, 2021

Michael Sholinbeck (

Note: If you think of something that should be added to this guide, please let me know!

Books, online books, etc

13 million volumes: The UC Berkeley library probably has a book on what you are interested in! Use UC Library Search, the all-UC library catalog and more, to find books (and also videos, government documents, music, etc. etc.).

Cool stuff includes:

The Bioscience, Natural Resources & Public Health Library has a cookbook collection: thousands of items from the 17th century to today.

The library also has about 1.5 million works of fiction from all over the world and in many languages; most are in Doe Library Main Stacks, Level D. Note: You can limit a library catalog search by language, if desired.

Use Overdrive for popular online books and audiobooks. Most Overdrive books may be read on tablets, Kindles, etc.

If we don't have what you seek, try Interlibrary Borrowing: they will find it somewhere and get it to you!

Handbooks, encyclopedias, etc

Our many subscriptions includes style manuals, lab protocols, tests & scales, standards, directories, drug & toxicology works, and more.

Articles and research

The library subscribes to hundreds of article databases, from the familiar PubMed, to databases on other topics, from history to Chinese literature to chemistry to business.

I made a guide to databases in public health; you may also be particularly interested in ERIC, a database of education literature. For other subjects, see below:

The current list of all UCB databases is here; there are 1,416 as of today (January 5):

  • Use the Subjects menu to limit to databases on your subject of interest, whether it be public health, African American studies, folklore, music, urban design, or any of several dozen subjects.
  • Use the Database Types menu to limit by format: atlases & maps, archival collections, handbooks & manuals, laws & regulations, market research & industry analysis, images, and many more.

Again, if we don't have it, try Interlibrary Borrowing: they will find it somewhere and get it to you!

Video & audio

The library provides access to video and more, both for your work and for your entertainment. A few places to look for cool stuff when your tired of Star Trek reruns on Netflix; keep in mind that individual film titles may also be found in UC Library Search:

Want to treat your ears to something new?:

And please take advantage of the Graphic Arts Loan Collection: Borrow real art for your home or office. Includes works by Hiroshige Ando; Claudia Bernardi; Marc Chagall; Shiro Ikegawa; Yolanda M. Lopez; Roberto Matta; Gino Scarpa; and many more.


The library subscribes to dozens of online news sources and databases from all over the world; you can also use UC Library Search to look for a particular news source/newspaper.

Check out my News Guide which has links to many health and other news sources, including links to major dailies like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, and more. Most of these we have access back to the very first issue, up to today's paper.

Company and industry research

Use the Business Database Finder, from the Business Library, to guide you to the right resources: information is available on companies, market research, industries, finances, and more -- from the US and across the globe.

One of my favorites is IBISWorld: current information on supply chains, major players, market shares, globalization, revenues, regulation, SWOT analyses, and much more.

Continuing education

There are a ton of resources available for learning new skills or honing your existing skills. The Continuing Education information on my alumni guide lists several free sources. In addition, here are some more:


Not part of the Library, but you can visit the UCB Jacobs Makerspace and learn vinyl cutting, 3-D printing, and much more.


Off Campus Access to Library Resources

Off-campus access is limited to current UC Berkeley faculty, staff and students. Choose one of the following methods:

Library Proxy (aka EZproxy):
When you click on a link to an article, database, etc., from a library web page. you will be prompted to authenticate via CalNet.
If you click on an article (etc.) link found via a search engine or a non-UCB Library webpage, you should use this bookmarklet to access the licensed resource.

Virtual Private Network (VPN):
Download and install the VPN client to allow access the UC Berkeley licensed resources.
Make sure you select Library Access - Full Tunnel VPN when you log on.

Students: Problems setting up Library Proxy or VPN? Contact your librarian, or Student Technology Services: (510) 642-HELP, or

UC Berkeley WiFi Options

UCB WiFi Options:

Use eduroam to access UC Berkeley online resources at UCB, or while at another participating institution.
Berkeley-Visitor is a public network and will not allow access to UCB licensed resources (articles, databases, etc.) without further authentication.

Eduroam requires you to set a WiFi Key.

Statistics & data

Statistics are an excellent way to learn about your community.

My guide to health statistics and data has links to dozens of websites and databases to find this information. Resources are organized by geography, topic, population group, and more. If you can't find what you need, ask the Public Health Librarian.

Free software

The campus offers free software to staff for your work or personal devices: Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat DC, etc.), and more.

Campus also offers free access to Lastpass Premium: a secure password management tool.

Borrow devices and equipment

Borrow projectors, microphones, cables/adapters, poster tubes, headphones, white boards, tripods, and more!

Info is on this guide.

Public Health Librarian; Interim Optometry & Vision Science Liaison

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