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Silicon Raj: Making a Difference to America's Future

Kanwal Rekhi. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

One of the founders of The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE) and CEO of the first Indian-led company publicly traded on Nasdaq gives suggestions to young entrepreneurs with new technology ideas during a guru-chela session at the TiE office in Santa Clara. Fortune described Rekhi as the Godfather of Silicon Valley¹s Indian business community, with a reputation as a business plan genius.

"We became role models and mentors for this next generation of Indian entrepreneurs because we felt we had to fight our way to the top, and we can make it a little bit easier for our people." 

- Kanwal Rekhi, Upside Today, November 18, 2000



Up Close and Personal. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

Umang Gupta, Chairman and CEO of Keynote Systems Inc, listens and answers questions from young Indian high-tech professional during a networking session at the monthly meeting sponsored by The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE) in Santa Clara.

TiE hosts monthly meeting to provide opportunities for young high-tech professionals to network and to learn lessons from successful entrepreneurs.





Networking. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

Bhagya Rekha of is one of the growing number of women who attend TiE monthly networking events in Santa Clara.








Old friends. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

Bakul Joshi, president of Multiple Access CA Corportation and a TiE charter member, meets an old friend, Sanjeev Chitra, chairman of AvantCom Network and also a TiE charter member, at the monthly TiE meeting held at the Santa Clara Marriott Hotel.





Kathak dance promotion. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"










Holi at La Cuesta Park. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

The Network of Indian Professionals-SF Bay Area Chapter provides a professional and social network for South Asian professionals, promotes awareness of the South Asian communities and culture, and fosters charitable and educational events that will assist and promote communities and residents of the Bay Area. 






Wedding Tradition. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"










Laughaway at the Park. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

Umit and Vavita Chopra, with their sons Aman and Arpan, participate in an early morning "Laughing Yoga" at Alum Rock Park in San Jose.






Before the "Shadi." Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"










Volunteers. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

Mamta Prasad instructs TiE (The IndUS Entrepreneurs) volunteers for the Gujarat earthquake relief concert.








Getting ready . Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

Volunteers prepare to open the doors of Christian Jubilee Center to welcome guests who donated $2 million for Gujarat earthquake victims.








"We love you Bill." Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

Former President Bill Clinton and Kailash Joshi, President of The IndUS Entrepreneurs, react to the crowd attending the fundraising concert for Gujarat earthquake victims.







Dr. Narinder S. Kapany. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

Narinder S. Kapany is widely regarded as the "Father of Fiber Optics" and has been involved in the development of the technology behind devices from endoscopy to high-capacity communication that have changed the medical, information and business worlds. He was named one of seven "Unsung Heroes" by Fortune in their "Businessmen of the Century," November 1999 issue. 






Home style cooking. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

A popular chaat house, Vik's in Berkeley, serves home style cooking seven days a week.









Young girls of B.A.P.S. Swaminarayan Sanstha. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"









Chitra Divakaruni at Cody's.

Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

Best selling author and co-founder of Maitri, a Bay Area support group that helps battered South Asian women, gives a book reading at Cody's Bookstore in Berkeley, CA.






Videotaping. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

Videotapes of weddings of high-tech professionals in the United States are sent to friends and relatives in India so that they can share the tradition of a village wedding.

"I make three-hour VHS tapes of the wedding ceremonies and receptions and they are converted to the PAL tapes that are commonly used in India." -- Japdeep Singh, video photographer





Gandhi's daughters. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

Ramaa Koodi, Sunila Fondekai and others at the Indo-American Community Service Center in Santa Clara.









Volunteers for Gujarat Earthquake victims. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"










Press Conference. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

Lata Krishnan with Chitresh Das and Deepak Chopra at the Press Conference before the concert to raise money for Gujarat earthquake victims.

Indian entrepreneurs have been very successful here, it should be an important strategy to give back to the community. -- Lata Krishnan, founder, Smart Modular Technologies Inc.




Anger and disappointment. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

Demonstrators organized by Alliance of South Asians Taking Action (ASATA) protest in front of the Madras Pasand Cuisine in Berkeley, owned by Lakireddy Bali Reddy.

Reddy pleaded guilty to charges of conspiring since 1986 to illegally bring aliens into the United States from India by submitting false visa applications. He was also charged with transporting minors in foreign commerce for sexual activity. The investigation was prompted by the death of a young Indian girl brought to the U.S. using fraudulent immigration papers. In June 2001, Lakireddy was sentenced to serve 8 years in prison and to pay $2 million to the young victims.

"The Reddy case has served as a wake-up call to the South Asian American community and the Bay Area that trafficking women and girls is a huge and growing problem in our country and throughout the world. The fight against trafficking requires the involvement of im-migrant communities, including the South Asian American community. South Asian and immigrant grass roots activists are mobilizing against trafficking by ensuring that victims of trafficking have access to community support and legal representation." -- Jayashri Srikantiah, lawyer, ACLU of Northern California



Young Punjabi-American girls. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"














Sevadars. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

Sevadars of the Gurdwara Sahib are given H1-B visas to minister to the growing Sikh community in Silicon Valley. 











Audition. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

Talent audition for the First Annual NetIP-SF Bay Area Talent Night before a panel of jurors. The talent show will benefit various community causes that the Network of Indian Professionals-San Francisco Bay Area Chapter supports.











Yoga Class. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

Mothers of high-tech Indian professionals attend a once-a-week yoga class at the Indo-American Community Service Center in Santa Clara.

"As the only language and cultural sensitive community center for Indo-Americans in the Bay Area, folks often travel 50 miles and sometimes three buses to reach us for programs. It is a joy to see folks with a lighter step and a smile leaving their 'home away from home' and itps good for the whole family when we connect youth with seniors." -- Sam Rao, executive director.








Trikone. Gelatin silver print -- 16" x 20"

Members of Trikone, an organization of gay and lesbian South Asians, celebrate Gay Pride Day in San Francisco in June 2001.











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