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SOC C115/PH C155: Sociology of Health & Medicine: Articles, Reports, & Statistics

Guide URL


Search Strategies

Try the following searches in the databases to the right. You can cut and past the search strings below (replacing [country] with the country you are researching) into the database search boxes.

(healthcare OR health care) AND [country]

(healthcare OR health care) AND system AND [country]

"health services" AND [country]

Add other terms to focus results, such as

  • affordability
  • insurance
  • benefits
  • etc.

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) has all sorts of health data mostly for developing countries. Listed below are links to various types of health information from WHO.

Article Databases


Try a Google search to find your country's department of health. Some foreign countries will have sites in English, so it's worth a try.

Country Facts & Statistics

2008: Strategic Implications of Global Health Map from the National Intelligence Council

Health Care Capabilities