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Cuzco, Peru. [Courtesy of Caphony at]

Collection Overview

The Latin American Studies collection contains materials covering Latin America and the Carribeans. Its emphasis is on the humanities and social sciences, particularly language, literature, history, sociology, political science, marginalized groups, indigenous groups, and development studies.  

The majority of the collection can be found in the Main (Gardner) Stacks, as well as in the over 20 subject specialty libraries and affiliated libraries. Our collection complements the Bancroft's Latin Americana collection.  

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Interlibrary Loan and Purchase Recommendation

If there is a title needed for your research but not available at UC Berkeley, consider using Interlibrary Borrowing Services. UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff can request materials from peer institutions through Melvyl or the Interlibrary Services office (133 Doe).

Is there a title that you think should be part of the collection? You can fill out the library's Purchase Recommendation form to submit your suggestion! 


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