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Political Science Guide by Subfield: Political Theory and Philosophy

This guide provides an introduction to political science resources by subfield.

Databases for Political Philosophy

The databases below can provide you with information on political philosophy and theory.  Also see the Library's Philosophy Research Guide for additional databases to explore.

Find Books on Political Theory

The following are subject searches in Oskicat for political theory/philosophy:

If you are interested in a particular theorist, you can search that theorist either as an author or as a subject in Oskicat:

Major Journals in Political Theory

Boston Review : 1975 - present

Critical Review : 1986 - present

Ethics : 1938 - present

Hypatia : 1986 - present

Journal of the History of Ideas : 1940 - present

Journal of the History of Philosophy : 1963 - present

Philosophy & Public Affairs : 1971 - present

Political Theory : 1973 - present

Review of Politics : 1939 - present

Theory and Event : 1997 - present

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