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U.S. Congressional Materials at UC Berkeley: Committee Prints

This guide provides information on locating U.S. Congressional Materials within the UC Berkeley Library.

Committee Prints

Committee Prints contain the work done by a congressional committe in the process of passing a law or conducting an investigation.  They can be a treasure trove of information including research, memos, CRS Reports, etc.  However, since a committee decides what it wants to publish in a Print, the amount of information can vary from Print to Print [Numbers in brackets denote Congressional session].

  • [102nd (1991/92)- FDSys
  • MAIN stacks 1975 -Search by Title in Oskicat
  • 1975-2004 MICROFICHE 913 Newspapers and Microforms (basement of Doe Library)
  • 1917-1969 MICROFICHE 1164 (all parts) Newspapers and Microforms (basement of Doe Library)
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