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U.S. Congressional Materials at UC Berkeley: Congressional Journals

This guide provides information on locating U.S. Congressional Materials within the UC Berkeley Library.

Intro to the Congressional Journals

The House and Senate each publish a Journal for each session of Congress. It has been published as a separate series (1789-1815 and 1953-present), and published as part of the Congressional Serial Set (1817-1952). The Journals contain a list of bills and resolutions introduced each day by number and title. The text of bills, except parts affected by amendments, and debate on bills are not included. They also contain titles of memorials and petitions to Congress, the annual messages of the President, veto messages, and other communications to the respective house. The Journal of the Senate contains proceedings of impeachment trials in the Senate. The section called History of Bills and Resolutions is found in the appendix of each Journal. It contains a complete numerical list of all Senate and House bills and resolutions for the session arranged separately. There is a subject index to this section of bills and resolutions, and to the Journal itself.

Congressional Journals at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley has access to both the House and Senate Journals through a variety of ways.



  • House 1789-1816 (missing various years), MAIN and Bancroft, J24
  • House 1953-Present, MAIN, J24
  • Senate, 1789-1816 (missing a few years), MAIN, J21
  • Senate, 1953-Present, MAIN, J24
  • Senate Executive Proceedings, 1828-Present (missing a few years), MAIN JK1251.A3