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Company directories, profiles, financials, analyst reports.

Conditions of Use

Please familiarize yourselves with the Conditions of Use of databases.

Industry codes

When looking for company information, it is helpful to be familiar with the company's industry code(s) - NAICS is the most commonly used industry code in the US, followed by SIC codes. NAICS and SIC are numeric codes that classify industries -  companies are associated with one or more codes. Most business and economic databases allow you to search by NAICS or SIC codes to build lists and get data on companies that are in the same line of business.

About Industry Classification Codes

Find NAICS codes 
Find SIC codes

Company Profiles and Directories

Company information databases provide company status (public/private/subsidiary) and basic directory information. All publicly available information is available - for private companies this may be just whatever has been published in a newspaper or magazine and whatever else the company wants the public to know. Public companies are required to disclose their financials and provide annual reports. Investing professionals provide analysis of mostly public companies and those companies that are planning to become publicly available. The databases listed here all provide basic company information - some have company histories, latest news, SWOT analysis, analyst reports. Company lists based on geography, industry, size, status, growth, etc. are available in others.

Business Rankings

Forbes publishes lists of companies such as Best Employers, Most Trustworthy, Global 2000, Most Promising, Most Innovative, Asia's Best, etc.

Fortune annually publishes ranked lists of companies in various categories such as Most Admired, Fastest Growing, Best for Diversity, Best for ethnic groups, etc. Fortune 500 lists the largest, by revenue, American public companies and private companies that file financial documents with a government agency. 

Inc 5000 is a  list of the 5000 fastest growing private companies in America.

Annual Corporate Reports

  • Microfiche: 1973-1994 (annual report and form 10-K) 
    International company reports are available on microfiche from 1985-1990. Proxy statements for U.S. companies from 1984-1986. 
    Available in the corporate reports cabinets on the lower level of Long Library.

Subject Guide

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