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History 101: Books

Search the Library Catalogs

Use OskiCat to locate materials related to your topic, including books, government publications, and  audio and video recordings, in the libraries of UC Berkeley. OskiCat will show you the location and availability of the items that we own. More OskiCat help.


Use Melvyl to locate materials related to your topic located at other campuses in the UC system, or worldwide. You can use the Request button to request an item from another library, if we don't own it. Detailed Melvyl help.

  • Using Melvyl (but not OskiCat) you can find articles as well as books, and easily format a citation for copying into a bibliography. Melvyl will also show you the location and availability of items that we have on our campus.

In every catalog you use, note the name of the physical library, call number, and whether or not the item is checked out, library use only, etc.

OskiCat Searching Tips

Getting Material from NRLF

A large part of the library's collection is stored in a secure building called the Northern Regional Library Facility (NRLF). Affiliated patrons may request physical copies or electronic scans of materials that are stored in this off-site location.

Physical Copies

To request a physical copy of an item kept in the NRLF, press the  Request Button  button on the screen after the initial search in the OskiCat web catalog (see picture below). The screen after will ask you to enter account information using either your Library/Cal 1 Card number or CalNet logins.

OskiCat Catalog Request from NRLF

After logging in to your library account, you have the option to designate a volume number (if applicable) and a cancel date.

Electronic Copies or Scans

To request an electronic copies or scans of eligible library materials stored in the NRLF, you must click on the title itself and exit the search results screen. Once on the item information screen, press the Request an electronic copy from NRLF button as shown in the image below, and login to your account. 

Electronic Copy from NRLF

Below is an image of the screen after your credentials have been entered. Here you can specify the exact volumes, chapters, and pages of the library item needed.

Information needed for Requesting Electronic Copies

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