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Dissertations in Art History : A Guide: Subject Biblographies

Subject Bibliographies


The Art and archaeology of pre-Columbian Middle America: an annotated bibliography of works in English, by Aubyn Kendall. Boston: G. K. Hall, 1977. 
F1219.3.A7.A12.K36 Reference, Anthropology Library 
Pages 307-313 include a list of 75 doctoral dissertations pertaining to Pre-Columbian Middle American to 1975.      
Arts in America: a bibliography, edited by Bernard Karpel. Washington: Archives of American Art/Smithsonian Institution Press, 1979.  4 vols. NX503.A12.A7 Doe Reference & AH/C Library
Volume 3 includes a list of “Dissertations and Theses on the Visual Arts” by William Innes Homer.  This list (1,361 entries) includes doctoral theses and dissertations “dealing with American visual arts.”  Titles are from the early 1900s to 1975.  Arranged by author’s last name, artist’s name and medium.

Doctoral dissertations on China and on inner Asia 1976-1990: an annotated bibliography of studies on western languages, by Frank Joseph Shulman. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1998. DS706.A12.S49.1998 NRLF
Includes section on as well as subsections Chinese influence on Asian Art” and “Chinese influence on Western art. Provides comprehensive guide to over 10,000 dissertations in all disciplines primarily written in Western languages.  Briefly annotated. Complements and supplements the author’s two earlier titles:  Doctoral dissertations on China: a bibliography of studies in Western languages, 1945-1970 (1972); Doctoral dissertations on China, 1971-1975: a bibliography of studies of Western languages (1978) available in the East Asian Library.

Doctoral dissertations on Japan and on Korea, 1969-1979: an annotated bibliography of studies in western languages, by Frank Joseph Shulman.  Ann Arbor, Mich.: UMI, 1982, 1982. DS806.A12.S53.1982 NRLF.
Divided into two sections (Japan, Korea) and within each are headings for art-related topics. Previous edition Japan and Korea; annotated bibliography of doctoral dissertations in Western languages, 1877-1969 (1970).

Doctoral research on Russia and the Soviet Union 1960-1975: a classified list of 3,150 American, Canadian, and British dissertations, with some critical and statistical analysis, by Jesse J. Dossick.  NY: Garland Publishing, 1979. 
DK17.A12.D62 NRLF
Sections on “The Arts and Art History” and “Individual Artists.”  Includes 19 titles on Soviet and Russian art completed between 1965-1975.

The Harpur index of master's theses in art written at American institutions of higher learning, by Kenneth Clement Lindsay.  Endicott: NY: Harpur College, 1957. 5 Microcards Newspaper/Microforms Library, 40 Doe Library
Chronological listing of 2,168 theses completed from 1876-1953.  Index of theses on historical subjects.

Picasso: a comprehensive bibliography, by Ray Anne Kibbey.  New York: Garland Pub., 1977. ND553.P5.A12.K5 AH/C Library.
Pages 121-127 include an annotated listing of 26 studies completed in the United States through 1975.

Theses and dissertations on Southeast Asia: an international bibliography in social sciences, education, and fine arts, by D. R. Sardesai. Zug: Inter Documentation, 1970. 
DS504.5.A12.S26 Gardner Stacks, Doe Library.
Organized by subject. The section devoted to “fine arts” is organized geographically covering Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines, and Thailand.  Covers dissertations published 1950-1967

Theses and dissertations on southern Africa: an international bibliography.  Boston: G.K. Hall, 1976, by Oliver B. Pollak.
DT729.5.A12.P6 NRLF.
International bibliography of higher degrees on Africa between 1884-1974.  Organized by subject including a section on “Fine Arts.


Theses on Indian Sub-continent, 1877-1971: an annotated bibliography of dissertations in social sciences and humanities accepted with the universities of Australia, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland, and United States of America, by Krishan Gopal. Delhi: Hindustan Pub. Corp., 1977. DS335.A12.K74 South/Southeast Asia Library (140 Doe) & NRLF
Organized geographically:  Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sikkim and Bhutan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  Dissertations on art-related topics are included within India and Sri Lanka.

Women’s studies: a bibliography of dissertations 1870-1982, by Victor Francis Gilbert.  New York: Blackwell, 1985. 
HQ1180.A12.G551.1985 NRLF
List of theses and dissertations presented at British, Canadian, Irish and North American Universities through 1982 in the field of women. Section 1 covers “The Arts.”  Detailed subject index.

Dissertation Series

Garland Publishing Company published three major series from the 1970s to 1980s.  Numerous dissertations were published.To locate titles within each of the following series, search OskiCat choose Quick Search, then search by “Title begins with” for any of the following series:

Outstanding Dissertations in the Fine Arts 
Outstanding Theses in the Fine Arts from British Universities
Outstanding Theses from the Courtauld Institute of Art

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