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Electronic Research Notebooks: Types of ERNs

Record keeping is an essential part of effective data management, electronic research notebooks (ERNs) offer a digital approach to data collection.

Free ERN Options

Subscription/Freemium based ERNs

Field specific ERNs

Tips about Choosing ERN


           Image of person writing a document on tablet.

  • Start with a free ERN before purchasing
  • Ask one person to pilot ERN
  • Open source notebooks are easier to customize
  • It may take a few pilots to find the right platform
  • Ask the Chemical Information Librarian for help!

Evaluating ERNs

When determining what type of ERN platform to adopt it can be helpful to think about the following criteria: 
Icons for user experience, interoperability and business model.
User Experience   
Multi-device compatibility
Browsers, operating systems & file types
Real-time collaboration
Instrument integration and open APIs
Licensing Model
Free Version (Yes or No)
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